Here we go with some useful advices to enjoy every moment of your holiday in Sappada.


10 min walk from the hamlet of Cima Sappada. Easy to reach and not demanding even for your kids and you can get there by car also.


A milestone in our natural heritage and you can chose whether you want to walk or drive to get there.


Short and dynamic excursion for who wants to admire the panoramic view over our beloved valley and enjoy its authenticity.


Indulge yourself in a picturesque environment practicing one of your favourite activities.

For who wants to learn and for who loves it!  Nearby one of our best restaurants: Baita Mondshine.

Get to know better all the TRECKS.

Looking for a place where to improve or train this elegant sport? 

In Sappada you can find a field surrounded by our stunning nature.

Why don’t you try to learn how to do it supervised by experienced professionals? 

Located nearby “la Baita” and the Football field.

Fancing a theme park? What about a route in between the trees of our woods? 

Learn all what you need to know on the website…ALPIN PARK.​

They said Sappada’s airing is full of benefits.. What about breathing it while walking on our natural paths? 

Find out MORE .

During your walking tours throughout our beloved mountains we want to make sure you get the right break in between a walk and another in our sheds where you will taste the typical cuisine of our land.

Rainy and foggy out there?

No problem: find out about the MUSEUMS in Sappada 

There’s a new attraction for your kids near the wild Park! Why don’t you find out about it??

With many activities like treasure hunts and pitfalls to solve you will definitely enjoy every minute over there!


At five minutes walk from ” TheTiny museum of the great War” you will admire this wonderful natural show.

From 9pm to 11pm during summer.


What about enjoying a day ate this wonderful snow themed park? Ideal for any age!

Find out more about NEVELANDIA.

Set inside Nevelandia, the biggest theme park on snow. 

Find out more about NEVELANDIA.

Do you love snow trekking?
Sappada offers many treks suitable for this activity.
You will also be able to BOOK a guide tour that will show you our beautiful land!

Why not living this holiday in touch with nature to the fullest? 

FIND out the itineraries in Sappada.

Ask for a lesson to one of our friendly masters or if you prefer enjoying it by your own, get all the equipment at one of our rental points throughout the town.


Try the shiver of an ice climb supervised by our experts.

FIND out more about this.

Why don’t you give a try to this evocative full immersion in the woods surrounding the valley

FIND out about the tours!

An unforgettable adventure is waiting for you in Sappada. 

Siberian Husky will pull you on the sled at the base of the dolomites.

BOOK immediately this wonderful adventure.

There’s a special adventure for animals lover as well.

Enjoy the landscape on a couch driven by horses.

BOOK immediately this wonderful adventure.


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